Our Services

Medical - Chiropractic - Full Injury Rehab

Injury Identification

We use advanced techniques to find the exact point of concern and offer a solution.

Digital X-Ray & MRI's

State of the art technology and the experience to use it correctly.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

We are one of the few specialist that are capable of handling these services.

Accurate EEG / ERP Testing

It is very important to receive accurate test results and we understand this.

Specialist Consultations & Referrals

If we are not able to treat you we have a large network of specialist to refer you to.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Our primary goal is for you to recover quickly and back to full strength.

Get Back To Your Normal Self

Don't let a car accident or personal injury slow your life down, get back to your normal self!

Our advanced techniques can promote faster and stronger healing then most methods.

We will create a personalized program just for you to make sure you get the right treatments.

Shorten your recovery time by giving us a call today and find out why we are different!

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Comprehensive Auto Accident / Whiplash / Personal Injury Treatments