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Coastal Injury & Rehab provides injury identification and treatment. We connect you with the perfect specialists and surgeons. We provide the very best diagnostic testing such as MRI’s and TBI Testing. We can also provide you with the legal help you need.

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We Understand These Times Can Be Confusing

Coastal Injury & Rehab understands your pain and wants to start you on the road to recovery in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our team of professionals will give you the care you need and deserve. Call today to schedule your first appointment!

Quick and Easy Process

Injury Identification

We use advanced techniques to find the exact point of concern and offer a solution.

Treatment Planning

Our doctors and surgeons will find the right path for you to relieve pain.

Attorney/Insurance Help

Our team will help you with referrals to attorneys.

What's Your Condition?

Coastal Injury & Rehab offers various types of treatments to effectively and efficiently get you on the best possible path of recovery.

What You Shouldn't Do

Sit for too long

After a accident and during recovery you should avoid sitting for too long at home and at the workplace.

Stand for too long

Standing for too long can cause pain and further issue, we recommend standing periodically throughout the day.

Too much exercise

Don’t over due yourself during recovery. Please check with your doctor before exercising.

What You Should Be Doing

Light Stretching

Light stretching can be the best form of medicine for many injuries. This always depends on the injury.

Frequent Walks

Walks can help relieve pain and get the blood moving through out your body to help recover quickly.

Light Pain Medication

There is nothing wrong with light medication to help deal with the pain from your accident.

Preparing For Your Appointment

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Our Happy Patients

Welcoming and good bedside manner. Listens and treats accordingly. Toni, his assistant, is very nice.
John King
Dr. Alex Tomovski.... best chiropractor on the grand stand!
Bulldog Edge
Experienced, knowledgeable, positive energy and great service. Staff is great and helped speed up my recovery time with advice on things I can do outside on days I wasn't scheduled to get treatment. Highly recommend!
Fuego Calderón
Awesome people! Dr. T is the man. Thank you for helping me become pain free!
Erik Arvidson

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